Travel Day: VA to SC

That morning, Sue Ann was preparing the house for an open house that afternoon. Her and her husband were frantically cleaning and we helped a little. We packed and headed off to Walmart.

My brilliant scheme was to make a couple pre-made little meals to ease the cost of dining out all the time. We bought cold cut turkey, cheese, bread, and ice. In the Walmart parking lot, we made sandwiches, stocked the cooler, prepared snack baggies of Cheez-its, pistachios, cereal, etc. The sandwiches ended up being gross. The sandwich bag opened a little in the cooler and my bread was soggy.

Along the way, we saw signs everywhere for South of the Border. For over 100 miles down I-95.  
At one point, it was raining and lightening out really badly and Josh decided that would be a prime opportunity to pump gas! We still had like a quarter of a tank left. Water, lightening, and gasoline were just too many elements.. I was trying to get Josh not to do it. I called my dad and just asked, "Is it safe to pump gas in a lightening storm?" and he said "no" so that got Josh back in the car. 

We got to about half of Harry Potter 6 on audiobook. The majority of our drives, we listen to it. It passes the time really well and we each don't like the other's music so it is a good compromise.

That drive was the first time I drove! Josh insisted on driving the entire time, but when we were in North Carolina at some point he asked if we could switch. I drove the remaining 3 hours to Jackie's. 

We got there late in the day and had dinner. It felt so good to eat real food. I had no idea what time it was.. we ended up chatting until 2 am catching each other up on misc. things or telling ridiculous stories of when we were younger.