Travel Day: SC to FL

That morning Jackie's mom made us breakfast and gave us ice for the cooler :) Ants had made a home in the doors of the car and her parents helped us spray it out. It ended up being fine, a couple of times I discovered an ant and threw it out the window. It was so great seeing the Benoits, I used to basically live at their house growing up and I've really missed them since they moved away. Jackie is one of my best friends and it was great hanging out with her again after so long. I don't know, I am really grateful for all they did for us. It was sad to leave for the road.

We switched from Harry Potter 6 to 7. We didn't finish 6 but I was really eager to get to 7. I am mentioning audiobooks because that is how the majority of the hours of the trip are spent, with occasional stops for food or a bathroom. Josh blasts the AC and I am freezing so I have a blanket. Generally Josh drives and I manage getting stuff from coolers, finding the snacks, and keeping the car somewhat tidy. 

Something unique about the trip between South Carolina and Florida was the billboards. Seriously, there were two main ones. One was a series from an anti-choice organization showing fetuses and cheesy messages.. and the other was for vasectomies. I'm not kidding.

We also saw a sticker on a man's back window promoting his type of woman. 

Somewhere (no idea where!) in Florida, the gps cable completely stopped working. We started having trouble a few days before, but resorted to holding it at odd angles to work. The gps died completely. I called Kathleen for some type of map help but we didn't even know where we were to begin with. After about 15 nervous minutes, we drove up to a super Walmart and found a replacement cable for only like $20. We were way too excited to find this Walmart.

We got to my grandma Sue and Gerry's a little before their bedtime. We had this interesting dish of tomatos, potatos, mushrooms, and sausage. I had never had it before but I liked it.