Sarasota, FL

Our first day in Sarasota, we rested pretty much all day. We were so tired. We saw little salamanders around outside. 

That evening we saw Funny People at a theater down the street. As we were entering the theater, we saw about 20 janitors, in uniform, marching and singing in formation. They were filming something or rehearsing something. Josh thought they were preparing for the opening of GI Joe. Some were really into it and some were miserable looking. I had to go back outside to get my ID (rated R movie, I look 12) and was ambushed by their marching through the doors and had to run out of the way. Haha. I wish we had pictures. 

I don't understand why they made a movie called "Funny People", had a cast of actors who are great in comedies, and made the movie so serious? It wasn't a comedy. After the movie we went to a pizza place and got half pepperoni half bacon :)

When we got back we went for a swim in the pool. I love that yard. It is screened in so you are outside with no bugs and the water was perfect temperature. The pool was a lot deeper than I remember it being when I was 15.