Washington D.C.

We were SO tired from NYC and ended up leaving the motel at 9 am. The drive to our motel in Virginia was 4 hours but it took an extra hour from traffic and stopping. At one point we went off a random exit on the highway in Maryland and literally all the turns were "Government Property No Trespassing" and it was deep in the middle of nowhere. The tolls seriously robbed us.. it was $16 total. I had a huge stash of change and ones that were completely wiped out from that.

When we got to the hotel, the lady had us fill out this paper and looked at our IDs. She informed us that we had to be 21 to have reservations and that there was a problem since we got the reservation through Expedia. She called her manager and he said it was okay and to just let us stay. Then she told me that I didn't look 20, but about 9 or 10. Okay.. I used to work with kids.. I am not 9 or 10 looking. Maybe 12-14, give me some puberty credit.. but wow. 

The room was really nice though- it had a kitchen! Somehow it was the cheapest we could find. 

Our bus left at 3, we got into downtown D.C. at 4:30! We took the metro also and I fell asleep. I woke up to some girls being like "What that little girl staring at!" My head flopped over from waking up but my eyes were still shut, and then they were like "Ahahahaha she's asleep!" and I opened my eyes to like 5 girls around the seats behind me, still staring at me and talking about me. When we got into town we asked someone which way the White House was and started wandering for it. We were by the Capital Building and nowhere near it. There were people running toward the Washington Monument and playing softball outside. At one point we saw several cops on motorcycles stop traffic, then a limo and several SUVs with tinted windows and police lights fly by. We are choosing to believe that it was Obama cruising by. 

Everything closed around us except for the Air and Space Museum so we poked around there for a bit. 

We also walked to the Capital Building. We were sitting on a bench resting, and suddenly Josh goes, "AH! Somebody is throwing nuts at me!!" And I thought he was completely crazy but we looked up and there was a squirrel dropping partially eaten acorns out of the tree!

We took the metro back and overheard a man basically stalking this woman, and she was playfully shutting him down. He'd be like "So can you give me your number?" and she'd be like "I could I just choose not to" and then they got on our bus and he was like "Everything happens for a reason" and she was like "Oh ya? Then why are you talking to me?" I don't know. It was entertaining. 

Good thing we have another day in D.C. tomorrow!