I can't believe I did everything I wanted to do today. Rachel came over and was my "motivational buddy" (sat in my room and her presence encouraged me to do stuff). My entire room is clean and my stuff is all packed. I tried to pack light even given the amount of time. The duffel bag I brought to Washington held all my clothes I wanted to bring, with sweatshirts and jeans in a small trash bag. My blue blanket is also somewhere in the mix. And then just one box for school supplies, beads to make jewelry, and random little things. Everything fits in the car comfortably too! I was surprised. We filled the car up with gas, had to clean it out again, I made a bank account online, put everything in the car.. just.. so many things. I said goodbye to Kathleen, Troy, Rachel, Kate, and Mandarin. Josh's mom made us an amazing dinner which included her heavenly chicken wings.

Tomorrow we're waking up at 4 am (in 4 hrs..) and parking the car in New Jersey and taking a ferry into NYC!