Almost ready!

The other day Josh and I did a very difficult task: We cleaned the car! Here are a couple lovely "before" pictures:

It was so gross. I had basically lived out of it when I did all those summer classes and all my books, clothes, etc. were still there. We threw out all the trash, put everything else in the trunk (still need to clean that..), vacuumed, and even bought a $1 sponge at the car wash to scrub the dashboard. I thought it would be difficult to persuade my mom to let me take one of the coolers.. we have like 3 in the basement.. so I offered to pick her up various things at BJs first :). The cooler was nasty so Josh and I took it outside and washed it with the hose outside. We went to Walgreens and got blue and pink matching fans that squirt water and other random things. I'm a fan of the $1 forks/knives/spoons set.

We picked up Kate and the three of us headed up to BJs. I got two cases of frappuchinos, pack of water bottles, gatorades for Josh, and granola bars. We went to Market Basket too and picked up random snack food. Now my car is full of food.. 

Today Josh booked his plane ticket and I booked hotels for New York and Washington. At first Josh did the NY one, but in the confirmation email it said "Rate: AARP or Senior Citizen ID required. Show it at check in" or something so I had to cancel it and am not letting him book anything anymore.. lol. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Gloucester for a while. Still need to make hard copies of ALL of our epic planning and notes we've been taking, transfer an audiobook to an ipod, clean my room, and pack! I'm so excited to go on this trip. The other day Josh and I went for a ride around Essex/Ipswitch listening to Harry Potter 6 on audiobook.